Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ollie Pop Riders find Guinness World Records that were meant to be POP'd!

Very few folks are fortunate enough to accomplish something beyond anything imagineable so much so that the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS puts a certificate together... At Ollie Pop we haven't done much of anything like that. BUT!!! not a BIG BUTT, but more of a "huge however" but, we are very lucky to be associated and represented by a couple of young men who have gone "BUZZ LIGHTYEAR" and beyond to be recognized by Guinness Book of World Records.

For starters there is Zach Kral who skates out of Wisconsin for Phenom Skateboards. He not only has the Guinness World Record for most consecutive kickflips of 1546 that he turned in 2008 at 4Seasons skatepark; he also jammed out 29 kickflips in a minute back on May 15, 2010 to shatter the old Guiness World Record of 23!

Then this past week at X Fest during X GAMES 16 the Guiness folks unveiled GWR LIVE where Alex Sorgente who rides Globe/BLIND out of South Florida pulled a double Guinness World Record performance on the 30 second format! Alex pulled both 15 frontside boneless and 15 axle stalls, each set of tricks in just 30 seconds!

Big props to a couple youngsters having fun at World Record levels! Thanks to both Zach, Alex, their families and sponsors for their continued support. And as always remember to GRIND SOME!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


hey Y'all... been a while since our last "blog" post although we have an open Q&A going with Formspring.me and AskMeAnything which registers on here. let's us know if its a nuissance or whatev...

so just wanted to posted some thanks and congrats....

Thanks to all the team riders who have been helpin where they can!!! it's been tough with the last couple of years economy to get the business to where we think it should be and despite the cuts - these guys keep on reppin... it's that kind of fight that keeps us chugging. A big thanks to the folks that have been carrying us as well. you know who you are and your extended terms, working with us and mostly being patient are greatly appreciated.

Now a quick bit of congrats to these guys who are repping all over the Globe...

Speaking of Globe, its rider and ours Alx Sorgente ground out a couple of back to back killer weekends in FLa at local comps in Naples and Dunnedin.. Check this out! The trophy is bigger than the surfboard prize!!!

Then keeping it SoCal and local, Chase Barney just killed at the San Diego AmSlam; taking the top spot on the podium. Then he parlayed his grind into a 3rd place at the CAL STATE games for 13-15 year-olds - and he's only 12!!!!

And out in the NETHERland, where most of that country was cranked up on thier football and World Cups... Spencer Lau was grinding the streets in Amesterdam pickin off 6th place and some saweet prizes at this year's Amsterdam DAMNAM! we'll undoubtedly see him Trick or Treat at the VOLCOM DamnAm in October! But before then... check him out on page 110 of July's Bliss http://blisssmag.com/july10.html playing luke skywalker with this massive boardslide!

Keep up with us online via our Facebook page www.facebook.com/olliepop or on Twitter @GRINDSOME.

Again, we appreciate all the continued support and hope to be back with more great news as the summer progresses!

Enjoy the heat, stay cool and remember to GRINDSOME!

Friday, June 4, 2010

If you could rid the world of one thing, what would it be?

Litter - its so destructive on all fronts - visually, economically, ecologically

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